Andro Gauzy HL CO OFF: table tennis wood test, experiences as review

Often table tennis players are looking for new materials, including of course the table tennis woods. Every single wood advertises with different strengths and advantages by the use in the game. In all price ranges you can find woods that serve their purpose and possibly also improve a player’s game.
In this report we will find out for whom the Gauzy HL CO from Andro is worthwhile.

General Info

Name: Gauzy HL CO OFF

Brand: Andro

Veneers: 5 schichtig + 2 Carbon

Synthetic fiber: thin, high-quality KVL Carbon

Hardness: Medium hard

Weight: 90 grams

Grip shapes: straight / anatomical / concave

Data according to manufacturer Andro

Simon Gauzy (French national player & co-developer of the blade) recommends the Gauzy HL CO to players who rely on feeling, creativity and spin instead of brute offense.

About the Andro Gauzy wood series

The Andro Gauzy wood series consists of 4 different woods, all of which were co-developed by the French national player Simon Gauzy:

  • Gauzy HL CO OFF (=> HL = High Line, CO = Carbon outer)
  • Gauzy SL OFF (=> SL = Supreme Line)
  • Gauzy BL7 OFF (=> BL7 = Basic Line, 7 layers)
  • Gauzy BL5 ALL Basicline (=> BL5 = Basic Line, 5 layers)

The BL5 ALL is suitable for beginners & all-rounders. The other 3 woods are suitable for advanced offensive players.
HL CO OFF is a carbon blade and just like the BL7 OFF it is very spin oriented.
The SL OFF is by far the most expensive blade in the series and supports a powerful offensive game.

Testbericht & Erfahrungen der Redaktion

With these rubbers the wood Gauzy HL CO OFF

Forehand: Andro Rasanter R47
Backhand: Andro Rasanter R47Andro Rasanter R47

Evaluation scheme:
On a scale of 1-100, the criteria catapult effect, speed, spin, flight curve, play at the table (serve rebound, short short), play in the, half distance, controllability, feedback/feel and quality of workmanship are summarized.

Test results

Serve Rückschlag, short short

Detailed evaluation

Catapult effect


As Gauzy says, the main focus is not on brute force offense. This is also shown in the test, but of course fast topspins can also be drawn.


Spin is one of the strengths of this wood. With the right short, fast movement you can create a lot of spin.

Flight curve

The flight curve can be designed quite variably due to the soft carbon feel: Topspins can be pulled fast & flat as well as soft and with a slight curve.

Impact & Setback

During upstrokes and rebounds the carbon gives you more feeling than with woods without carbon.

Play in the half distance

Here the wood lacks some speed, which has to be compensated with longer movements and a higher flight curve.


Even if the feeling is not particularly great with passive balls, the strength of the wood is emphasized here: attacking balls can be controlled and placed very well.

Structure of the material

5 wood layers + 2 carbon layers

Level of play

Despite the high controllability, a good level of play (from about 1500 points) is necessary, because the offensive wood would be too fast for beginners.

Game style



Thanks to the carbon layers an excellent feel for the ball.


Andro has a good to very good processing quality.

Strengths and weaknesses of table tennis wood

The strengths of the Gauzy HL CO include the ball feel and spin generation in offensive play. Topspins can be pulled over the net very variably and therefore nothing stands in the way of the player’s creativity.

The blade is made for an offensive game and therefore has its weaknesses in passive play.

Conclusion of the test by Andro Gauzy HL CO OFF

I can agree with Gauzy’s recommendation: Also in my opinion, the wood is suitable for players who are creative and have a lot of spin. The blade also offers good control in attacking play and at the table due to its special feel for the ball.
For players who are looking for fast and hard topspins, I recommend a different blade.

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