Andro Rasanter R42: Table tennis surface test, experience as a review

As a table tennis player you are often looking for the „perfect“ table tennis surface. This article is about the Andro Rasanter R42. This flooring review should help you to find the right table tennis flooring for you.

General information:

Name: Fast-paced R42

Brand: Andro

Sponge thicknesses: 1.7 / 2.0 / ultramax

Delivery start: 12 March 2017

Degree of hardness: 42 degrees

Pimples: Inside

According to manufacturer Andro

According to Andro, the sponge balances inaccuracies in the ball meeting point with a hardness of 42° and delivers power and speed at the same time. The Versatility Champion is designed for players who don’t want to choose a distance from the table or commit to a style. The Rasanter R42 should have a high fault tolerance with constant power at the same time.

About the Andro table tennis flooring R-Series

Andro offers two different parallel series of the Rasanter series, which can also be recognized by name. R stands for rotation and V for velocity . These are available in different sponge hardnesses. The name is always composed of the abbreviation R or V and the hardness of the sponge: R37, R42, R47, R50, V42 & V47.

Review & Experience of the Editorial Staff

The table tennis flooring Rasanter R47 was tested with this wood:

TT-Nerds Batilo ZL Carbon

Valuation scheme:
On a scale of 1-100, the criteria spin, speed, half-distance, counter-topspin, impact/return, control, block behavior, flight curve flat over the net, shot and durability are summarized.

Test results

Details evaluation


With the Rasanter R42, a lot of spin can be generated during impact and setback. Due to the comparatively soft sponge, this surface offers a lot of safety, but it is not quite as dangerous with an offensive serve/setback.



The speed is fine, a fast topspin is also possible. However, a „final stroke“ with a lot of pace is rather difficult.


The shot also lacks a bit of penetration.


Counter-top spins are possible, but they are not as powerful here as with the other two pads of the Rasanter series.


The Rasanter R42 plays very controlled and is therefore suitable for players who play on safety rather than tempo.

Block behavior

Blocking is quite easy, as this topping is more forgiving due to its slightly softer sponge.

Flight curve

The Rasanter R42 generates a strongly curved flight curve due to its grip.


The Rasanter R42 offers a lot of potential for spin for both the shot and the topspin.


The flooring can be played from the half-distance. However, it is recommended to stand close to the table, as this flooring lacks a little speed.

Conclusion of the test of the Andro Rasanter R42

The Rasanter R42 offers many possibilities for every player. However, this is more in the direction of control and safety and the speed has to suffer a little. Beginners or players who do not yet have a perfect technique should definitely consider this surface. As soon as the technology improves, you can also fall back on the harder versions of the Rasanter series.