Donic Acuda S2 (3rd Gen.): Table tennis surface test, experience as a review

Are you still looking for the „perfect“ topping? This review is designed to help you find the „perfect“ flooring for you. You will be informed about all the positive and negative properties of the Acuda S2 below. In addition, we summarize in the conclusion for whom the covering might be suitable.

General information:

Name: Acuda S2

Brand: Donic

Sponge thicknesses: 1.8 / 2.0 / max

Degree of hardness: 42.5 degrees (medium)

Pimples: Inside

Test results

According to manufacturer Donic

According to Donic, the Acuda S2 is said to be the „ideal covering for soft fresh glue with an offensive urge.“ The product prose speaks of a fast covering with a novel, medium-soft, large-pored sponge, which should bring great dynamism and distinctive sound. Especially in spin-versus-spin duels close to the table and in the half-distance, he plays out his superiority according to Donic. The precise ball feedback and the high joy of playing should represent the great strengths of the flooring.

About the Donic Acuda series

As with some other Donic flooring series (such as the Bluefire series), the numbering gives inference about the degree of hardness compared to the other pads in the series. The Acuda S1 Turbo is the toughest (50°) & fastest flooring in the series, followed by the Acuda S1 (47.5°) and the Acuda S2 (42.5°). The Acuda S3 is the softest covering in the series (37.5°) and is more common to the all-round area.

Review & Experience of the Editorial Staff

The table tennis flooring Donic Acuda S2 was tested with this blade

RITC 729 Friendship C-2 (All+)

Valuation scheme:

On a scale of 1-100, the criteria spin, speed, half-distance, counter-topspin, impact/return, control, block behavior, flight curve flat over the net, shot and durability are summarized.

Details evaluation


All surcharges are possible with good spin and control values. The setbacks here are much stronger, because you can return the impacts of the opponent dangerously without any problems.


The durability of this covering is below average. Already after the first hours of use, traces of wear have been created at the edge of the covering.


The speed of the Acuda is at a similar level as the spin, which ensures balanced topspins with a lot of cut and a lot of speed. The simple speed increase on the opponent allows you to exert high pressure without any problems.


The shot is very similar to the counter-topspin in many points. The shot is very easy to execute and has a high level of security. Even inexperienced players can learn this type of stroke well with the Acuda.


Good counter-top spins succeed very easily, even without a good technique. This means that for not very experienced players, they can learn this stroke very quickly and easily.


With simple strokes the control is very high, but with technically more difficult strokes the control is only mediocre, because of the high spin and speed values, which will not disturb very ball-safe players.

Block behavior

Blocking is very simple and precise. To make blocking easier, the table tennis wiki editor recommends a slight counter-attack when hitting the block.

Flight curve

The flight curve of the Acuda S2 is less dangerous than for surfaces with a high catapult effect such as the Donic Baracuda. The curve is very flat and becomes dangerous, especially when placed well.


The spin production of the Donic coating is very good and comparable to the Baracuda. Nevertheless, it requires some acclimatization and practice to create the same level of cut with the missing catapult effect. Otherwise, the topspins come with a lot of spin, which makes it hard to block these topspins flat back.


If you only keep the ball in the game at half-distance, the control is very high. For topspins, shots and other types of strokes, you need a good and safe technique to make the strokes particularly effective.

Conclusion of the test of Donic Acuda S2

I particularly liked the balance between cut and speed with the Donic Acuda S2, because it provides many possibilities to perform a stroke. I would recommend the surface for spin-oriented offensive players, who also like to tend to shoot and have a versatile style of play. Nevertheless, an advanced technique is required, which is why I recommend the flooring only for players with a TTR value of 1200 points or more.

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