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BlockTT: Nittaku Shake Defence - The CrunchY Legend

In table tennis, the choice of the „right“ wood is a big issue. A different one is possible for each player. If you’re a defender or troublemaker, this review could be interesting to you as you’ll probably get to know a good alternative to your current wood – the Nittaku Shake Defence. Maybe you are already looking for a new wood or have already thought about buying this wood. Here you can find out if the Nittaku Shake Defence is the right wood for you.

This review has been kindly prepared by GeblockTT.

General information

Name: Shake Defence

Brand: Nittaku

Type of wood: Hinoki

Veneers: 5 (3 wood + 2 carbon)

Synthetic fiber: Carbon

Weight: 85 grams

Handle shapes:


According to manufacturer Nittaku

The Nittaku Shake Defence has a Hinoki cover veneer that promises a soft touch. The built-in carbon layers are designed to allow for an enlarged sweetspot, but also make the wood stiff, making fast counters with a high disruptive effect easy to play. Despite its relatively high speed, the enlarged racket blade is intended to allow good control.
(In 2018, a new version of this wood has been released, which is recognizable by the darker grip color, but differs only minimally in terms of game characteristics.)

Review & Experience of the Editorial Staff

The wood Nittaku Shake Defence was tested with these pads:

Forehand: Butterfly Tenergy 64 (black,1.7)
Backhand: PiMPLEPARK Cluster (red, OX)
& the material specialist L.S.D. (OX, red) (the new version of the wood)

Valuation scheme:
On a scale of 1-100, the criteria are catapult effect, speed, spin, flight curve, game at the table (impact setback, short short), play in the, half distance, controllability, feedback/feeling and processing quality.


Details evaluation

Catapult effect

Although the wood has a catapult effect, this is quite small, which should harmonize well with the playing style of a troubleplayer.


Although the wood is declared as Def, it can still be classified in the space area. This also enables powerful offensive strikes.


The Shake Defence offers maximum cutting inversion or interference effect and can generate a decent load of undercut. But also with topspins a lot of spin can be generated.

Flight curve

There are no particular abnormalities here. The wood has neither a high nor a flat flight curve.

Surcharge & Setback

Both impacts and setbacks are very easy to play. The wood is also not very susceptible to cutting, which makes it very good in the setback area.

Game in the half-distance

According to a defensive wood, defensive strikes from the half-distance are easy to play. Topspins or counter-top spins are also possible with high control from the half-distance, only in order to play fast topspins from the half-distance, one has to put a higher effort than logically with an off wood.


The wood is easy to control both in active or passive play as well as from any position.

Structure of the material

The wood has a willow inner veneer, Hinoki veneer, as well as 2 carbon layers.

Level of play

The Shake Defence can be played due to the quite high control in the entry-level area, but one should rather bring a little experience in the defensive or disruptive game in order to reach the full potential.


This wood is especially suitable for the modern defender. But also troublemakers can reach their full potential in the Nittaku Shake Defence. This wood is less suitable for offensive players or players who act with a short bump. Nevertheless, offensive strikes are possible with this wood.


Due to the carbon layers, the wood has a rather hard stop and is relatively stiff. It has a nice „crunige“ ball feedback.

Processing quality

The Nittaku Shake Defence is well processed and its investment can pay off over several decades.

Strengths and weaknesses of table tennis wood

Benefits Disadvantages
-good processing -relatively expensive
-ideal for troublemakers -pretty large racket blade (may have to be reduced, due to weight or lack of pressure in offensive strikes)
-Maximum cut inversion

Conclusion of the test of nittaku Shake Defence

With the Nittaku Shake Defence you get a defensive wood with a pleasant and special crisp attack, which supports a defensive player in almost every game situation.
Especially troublers or defenders will feel comfortable with this wood, which will give them an additional option of the offense.
This review has been kindly prepared by GeblockTT.

BlockTT: Nittaku Shake Defence (Edition 2018) - The Remake

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