TSP Euro Classic ALL+: Table tennis wood test, experience as a review

As a table tennis player, you occasionally wonder which wood is right for your own style of play. In this article, we investigate who is well suited to the Euro Classic ALL+ from the TSP brand. This review is designed to help you find the best table tennis wood for you.

General information

Name: Euro Classic ALL+

Brand: Tsp

Veneers: 5

Synthetic fibre: without (solid wood)

Weight: about 72 grams

Handle shapes:

straight / anatomical / concave

Data according to manufacturer TSP

„The TSP Euro Classic ALL+ is an excellently balanced wood for the modern and varied all-round game. The controlled ball attack of this 5-layer wood gives the player a very emotional ball feedback and thus increases the precision in the passive game. Thanks to the first-class handling of the TSP Euro Classic ALL+, the player always retains control and overview even with his own attack balls. The excellent price/performance ratio and the top workmanship round off the overall package of this multifaceted and versatile all-round wood.“

Review & Experience of the Editorial Staff

The wood TSP Euro Classic ALL+ was tested with these pads:

Forehand: Xiom Omega VII Pro (black, max)
Backhand: Palio DK531A (red, OX, long bump)

Valuation scheme:
On a scale of 1-100, the criteria are catapult effect, speed, spin, flight curve, game at the table (impact setback, short short), play in the, half distance, controllability, feedback/feeling and processing quality.

Test results

Flugkurve (flach über dem Netz)
Aufschlag Rückschlag, kurz kurz
Spiel in der Halbdistanz

Details evaluation

Catapult effect

There is, if anything, only a very small catapult effect.


The wood is an all-round wood and therefore not so fast. The speed and penetration are therefore not one of the strengths of the Euro Classic ALL+, but control.


The Euro Classic ALL+ allows a game with a relatively high amount of spin. In this point, however, the coverings certainly play a greater role.

Flight curve

The flight curve is in the middle range, not particularly high, but also not particularly flat.

Surcharge & Setback

The game at the table is very good and controlled possible. Especially short surcharges are quite easy to implement with the wood. In the setback area one has a high control, because here the moderate speed of the wood is noticeable.

Game in the half-distance

There is a bit of a lack of pace here. It can be controlled, but rather passive from the half-distance. However, the wood is very suitable for cutting defenses (e.g. with long bumps). With counter-top spins, however, you have to do a lot for a good quality, otherwise the ball often ends up in the net. The wood is therefore only very conditionally suitable for an offensive game from the half-distance.


Control is one of the strengths of the Euro Classic ALL+. Especially in passive play (schupf, block) & in the serve/setback area, the high control that characterizes the wood comes to the fore. But the Euro Classic ALL+ also contributes to safety during the opening and topspin games.

Structure of the material

The Euro Classic ALL+ consists of 5 layers of wood.

Level of play

This wood is suitable for players who have not played table tennis for so long. The Euro Classic ALL+ is also a good option for advanced all-round players who attach great importance to control. Since the penetration power is somewhat lacking, the wood may no longer be optimally suitable for players with a TTR from approx. 1500/1600 and above.


The wood is best suited for all-rounders and those who attach great importance to control. It is quite suitable for material players. It is recommended a rather close game to the table, or a (partially) passive game from the half-distance.


The wood has a good ball feedback, so there is a good feeling for different placements. It doesn’t vibrate.

Processing quality

Go like this… There are small quirks on the side of the wood, which may have been created during delivery. With the handle, few adhesive residues and occasional cavities between the wooden layers can be seen. There are certainly many woods with a better workmanship quality, but these are usually also more expensive. However, this does not result in any disadvantages in terms of the game characteristics. In this area, TSP’s data cannot be fully confirmed.

Strengths and weaknesses of table tennis wood

Strengthen Weaknesses
Low price (€29.90) Processing quality could be better
High control Breakthrough power is missing

Conclusion of the test of the TSP Euro Classic ALL+

The TSP Euro Classic ALL+ is characterized above all by its high control. The wood is very suitable for playing at the table. Due to the moderate speed, an offensive game from the half-distance is only possible to a limited extent, the wood is again well suited for the cutting defense.
The Euro Classic ALL+ is recommended to players who value control. It might be a good choice for material players, but it might not be a bad choice for beginners either.
For players with a TTR of approx. 1500/1600, the wood may not be optimally suited, as it is not the fastest.

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