When did table tennis become Olympic? All the facts!

Table tennis is a sport that was first played about 150 years ago. The fast ball changes make them modern and rousing today. However, these attributes were not as pronounced at the beginning as they are today. But table tennis was attractive early on to be included in the canon of Olympic sports. It has […]

What does “Cho” mean in table tennis: Easy explanation

Cho, a cry of joy? Most table tennis players are aware of the following problem, to her suddenly the word “Cho” of itself, usually it cannot be assigned, although it is very often used. Likewise, the professionals on television call this expression in an important game. But even when searching the Internet, you get inadequate […]

The table tennis story: How table tennis began

Everyone knows it and everyone has played it before: table tennis. Because table tennis is a sport that can be played quickly and in many places. Be it in the school yard, where even today a table tennis table can be found almost everywhere, in the club or at home, by quickly rebuilding the home […]